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Equinor CTF 2022

Writeups for Equinor CTF 2022



Let’s have a quick look with checksec:

$ checksec cmp
[*] '/home/hag/ctf-equinor-22/Educational-cmp/cmp'
    Arch:     amd64-64-little
    RELRO:    Partial RELRO
    Stack:    Canary found
    NX:       NX enabled
    PIE:      No PIE (0x400000)

Then we import the executable into ghidra and have a look at the decompiled main-method:

We see that we have a simple strcmp that needs to succeed.

We could look up pw in ghidra, but we need to tell ghidra to treat the pw-pointer as a char-array to see the string in clear text. I’m not very good in ghidra so let’s look at a couple of other methods we can use.

Solving in gdb

Let’s load the executable in gdb and set a breakpoint on the strcmp-call:

$ gdb cmp

gef➤  disas main
Dump of assembler code for function main:
# ...abbreviated
   0x00000000004013e1 <+92>:    call   0x401216 <getPassword>
   0x00000000004013e6 <+97>:    lea    rax,[rbp-0x20]
   0x00000000004013ea <+101>:   lea    rsi,[rip+0x2c77]
   0x00000000004013f1 <+108>:   mov    rdi,rax
   0x00000000004013f4 <+111>:   call   0x401120 <strcmp@plt>
   0x00000000004013f9 <+116>:   test   eax,eax
# ...abbreviated
End of assembler dump.

gef➤  b *0x00000000004013f4
Breakpoint 1 at 0x4013f4

gef➤  r
Starting program: /home/hag/ctf-equinor-22/educational-cmp/cmp
Enter password to login!
> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

We get the follwing information when we hit the breakpoint:

As we can see, a simple breakpoint on the strcmp-call let’s us easily see the strings that are compared in clear text. The password is LEAVEMEALONE.

Solving with ltrace

Let’s run the program using ltrace ./cmp:

$ ltrace ./cmp
printf("Enter password to login!\n> "Enter password to login!) = 27
fgets(> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", 20, 0x7fd2905ba9a0)                     = 0x7ffd7aa7e6b0
strcspn("aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", "\n")                           = 19
strlen("\222\350\201\210\233\340\205\237\222\342\216\233")     = 12
strcmp("aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", "LEAVEMEALONE")                  = 21
puts("Sorry, that is not correct!"Sorry, that is not correct!
)                                                              = 28
+++ exited (status 0) +++

Again, we can easily see the password in clear text.


$ ./cmp
Enter password to login!