HackTheBox Cyber Apocalypse 2024: Hacker Royale

HackTheBox CTF Cyber Apocalypse 2024: Hacker Royale

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In a world divided by factions, “AM,” a young hacker from the Phreaks, found himself falling in love with “echo,” a talented security researcher from the Revivalists. Despite the different backgrounds, you share a common goal: dismantling The Fray. You still remember the first interaction where you both independently hacked into The Fray’s systems and stumbled upon the same vulnerability in a printer. Leaving behind your hacker handles, “AM” and “echo,” you connected through IRC channels and began plotting your rebellion together. Now, it’s finally time to analyze the printer’s filesystem. What can you find?


Writeup by: Stig Rune Grønnestad


I started checking the attached file for anything interesting. Several folders were empty, but inside this path there was a filed called Factory.pdf;


The flag was written inside the file in plaintext.