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🚗🔋🔌 C# NissanConnect library and ESP8266 code powering a Nextion HMI display used to monitor and control a Nissan Leaf remotely.

Nissan Leaf 2017 Dashboard

Animated preview of dashboard at different states.

Images of the 3D-printed case and assembly.


The LeafClient is a cross platform console application which can authenticate with and query data from Nissan Connect EV.


Usage: leafclient username password [-o {filename}] [-p {url}] [-last]

        username        Your Nissan Connect username.
        password        Your blowfish encrypted password.
                        Encrypt your password at
                        Key: 'uyI5Dj9g8VCOFDnBRUbr3g'. Cipher mode: ECB. Output type: BASE64.

        -o              Outputs the result as JSON to {filename}.
        -p              Posts the result as JSON to {url}.
        -last           Don't query live data from car.

* I intentionally did not add Blowfish encryption to the application because .NET does not have Blowfish encryption integrated in the framework and I did not want to add a dependency. The password needs to be supplied pre encrypted.


dotnet LeafClient.dll username password -o data.json

Example output file

  "Timestamp": "2019-03-20T22:00:00",
  "NickName": "leaf1",
  "Vin": "123456789",
  "PluginState": "NOT_CONNECTED",
  "CruisingRangeAcOn": 168000,
  "CruisingRangeAcOff": 186000,
  "MinutesToFull": 240,
  "MinutesToFull200": 150,
  "MinutesToFull200_6kW": 70,
  "BatteryCapacity": 240,
  "BatteryRemainingAmount": 240,
  "BatteryRemainingAmountWH": 0,
  "BatteryRemainingAmountkWH": 0,
  "StateOfCharge": 92


I use a cron job on a Linux server to periodically run the LeafClient console application. I use the -o flag which writes the JSON data to a file. This file is served by my web server and consumed by the ESP8266.

IoT parts

ESP8266 Arduino sketch

The ESP8266 folder contains an Arduino skecth to retrieve JSON data from a web server and send it to a Nextion display over serial.

Nextion display

The Nextion folder contains the HMI project for the display that shows the data. The Nextion display I used is the NX4832T035_011 which is the 3.5” version.

This is the Nextion HMI design. I used the actual Nissan Leaf dashboard as inspiration.

Nextion 3D-printable case

STL-files for the Nextion case can be found in the Nextion Case folder. The case is designed to be used with one of these ESP programmers, which makes it very easy to power and flash the ESP through micro USB. It also provides easy access to power and serial pins for the Nextion display.