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Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2022 - Intergalactic Chase


A super villain named Draeger escaped from a maximum security prison, formed his own evil squad, and convinced the Intergalactic Federal Government to work for him! You are a group of misfits that came together under unlikely circumstances, each with their own hacking “superpowers” and past with Draeger…

Get ready to travel the universe on your spaceship in pursuit of proving Draeger is a criminal and getting answers for your personal stories.

The CTF had challenges in the following categories:


I had very limited time to play this CTF, but I was able to solve 7 out of 61 challenges. I solved challenges in the categories; Web, Pwn, Reversing and Misc.

I have been trying to improve my binary explotation skills lately, so the Pwn challenges was fun for this CTF. The Web challenges were also good, because I got to do a few techniques that I haven’t used much before.


My writeups for the CTF:

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